Lu Festival ti Tri Culuri – The Festival of Three Colours – Puglia – Italy

July 2014 sees the inauguration of Lu Festival ti Tri Culuri [The Festival of the Three Colours] in beautiful Puglia Southern Italy. The Magnificent Masseria Terra di Marina, a Seventeenth Century country mansion owned by international singer and writer Mark Glanville, is set in the heart of the countryside outside the stunning unspoiled medieval Town of Oria, and will play host to the Festival, with its spacious courtyards, orange grove, salon, brand new swimming pool and private church.

Experience the musical and artistic holiday of a lifetime, with the opportunity to share the stage with international professional opera singers, as we create a unique performance of Bizet’s great masterpiece ‘Carmen’, performed in the Courtyard of the magnificent Masseria, in front of a local audience!

Chorus, Small Part or Help Out Back Stage…The Choice Is Yours!
Sing in the chorus of this great opera or perhaps even take on one of the many smaller roles on offer! No previous experience is necessary for our chorus members and you don’t have to read music either! Not only will you experience the fulfilling camaraderie of rehearsing together with the same ultimate goal in mind, but there will also be opportunities during your holiday to participate in a Masterclass and also an informal ‘open night’concert, so please remember to pack your party pieces! As part of your holiday package, we are also offering one private singing or coaching session per holidaymaker. For those of you who may prefer helping out ‘back stage’ as opposed to ‘on stage’, there will be plenty of opportunities including help with constructing the set, dealing with props and costumes, helping out with hair and make up etc etc

Learn to dance the Pizzica Pizzica!
For those of you who love traditional dance there will be a wonderful opportunity to learn the mythical tarantella during your holiday, with lessons throughout the week from the finest exponents of Puglia’s pizzica pizzica. This is a unique dance that is currently sweeping the clubs of London. The group will also perform for us towards the end of the week, and this will be our opportunity to join in the party atmosphere and show off what we’ve learned!

Interest for Carmen at the first Festival ti Tri Culuri is proving hugely popular for this unique holiday experience. Please click here to see our accommodation options for your holiday.